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Love Letters

Every country I visited made a different string of my heart sing. It is like falling in love. Over and over again. With every new country I visit. As well as with places I have already known. AUSTRALIA, you are […]

Tagebuch vom Bauernhof: Tag 3

  Zwei Wochen auf einem Bauernhof in Patagonien im Süden Chiles – das Ziel: Land und Leute besser kennenlernen, Spanisch üben, die Natur genießen. Ich wohne bei einer alleinstehenden Bäuerin Anfang 60 zusammen mit Schafen, Alpacas, Hunden, Katzen, Hühnern, einer […]

My fast journey to slowness

Travel Reflections My Fast Journey to Slowness – Bye-bye Travel Ambition   In general I am more on the fast side. Jab jab it has to be. Patience is, to say the least, not one of my strengths. My leisurely […]

Half Time Travel Reflections

  Half a year ago I packed all my belongings into dozens of boxes. And decided that all I will need for the next 12 months has to fit into a 40 litre backpack. I threw that backpack onto my […]

8 insights from a week-long meditation retreat

30 centimetres long, 10 centimetres high, 10 centimetres deep, a U-shaped drop on the long side. Wooden. That will be my pillow for the next seven nights. Further a straw mat and a mosquito net. This is my bed. Precept […]

Tropical Routines – A Model Day in Langkawi

Tropical Routines – A Model Day in Langkawi   When travelling long term you cannot change location every couple of days. At least I can’t. That’s why I like to take turns between more travel intense phases and more stationary […]

Better Than Sex – Discovering Acroyoga

Well, there are some similarities between acroyoga and sex anyway. You got the touching part, the sweating and if you are risk-aware enough you are using some precaution (called spotter). In order for the act to be fun you need […]