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Every country I visited made a different string of my heart sing. It is like falling in love. Over and over again. With every new country I visit. As well as with places I have already known.

AUSTRALIA, you are my oldest love. We have met more than once and we share so many good memories. You made me fall for you again every time we have encountered. You embraced me with a long, warm hug, that made all the years that have passed obsolet. You have changed, I have changed, but we have never lost our connection. Sunshineboy! I miss ya, mate!

INDONESIA, we smiled at each other in wonder and admiration. You gave me the space I needed and although I was a little distanced at first we started to open up to each other after a while. You gave me room to play and fool around. Moreover, you have put me in touch with my spiritual side. At the same time you have stolen more than one night of sleep from me by unblocking my creative powers.

MALAYSIA, what a surprise! Thanks for supplying me with everything I needed: with warmth, with a playground, with lots of yoga and handstands. It is special to feel at ease with someone you have just met so quickly.

THAILAND, my refuge. With you I finally found the quietness I was longing for so much. You challenged me by putting that mirror right in front of my face and by inviting me to look at it until I could see. The power and strength I found in coming to an absolute halt has stayed with me ever since.

TAIWAN, I am sorry I was not ready for your beauty yet. I am grateful you gave me everything I needed, when my body was not strong enough to fight it itself. I had arrived with a healed soul and I left with a healed body.

GUATEMALA, you took my hand without holding it too tight. You gave me friendship, when I asked for romance. I never fully trusted your beauty, I am sorry. But you also gave me a glimpse of your ugly face, reminding me of the value of life and security.

CHILE, oh Chile, what can I say! Of all my lovers you have been the most intense one. The call to come and see you had been a long lasting and loud one, one I could not ignore. So I went. You stared into my eyes with this intense gaze of yours. You made me laugh and cry and hate and love all in a day. We have danced a rough dance at times. You twisted me until I was dizzy just to let me loose and stumble around while crazily laughing at me. You presented me with an unbelievable beauty and when I gasped at it in admiration you just shrugged your shoulders as if it was nothing. You accepted me, the other one, in your inner circle without making a big deal of it. Your hospitality has been as genuine as casual. You have brought up my ugly sides, my darkness, my fears. You made me loose control until I gave in. You made me want to run, but I stayed. My desire for you is as pure as my resentment. I knew I had to leave you before I loose myself.

ARGENTINA, you beautiful soul! I met you with no expectations. Your warm, true smile sank right to the bottom of my heart. You greeted me with tenderness and kindness. You gave me back my dignity and self respect. Relax, you whispered, relax. It is all good. To simply call you my rebound lover would not do you justice. You offered my a safe space and showed me the power of intuition. You gave me what I needed, not what I wanted. You brought up my good and gentle side. I was not surprised when I learned that you are a woman. And what a strong one you are. La Argentina!

CHILE, I am glad I gave you another chance. I was scared to return into the circle of your power, I feared to be close to you again, I was intimidated by your anticipated harshness. But I had forgotten about the complexity of countries. This time you were all smiles. You opened up much more than ever before. You finally looked at me, not as a woman, but as a person. And you let me look at you! I could sense your vulnerability behind all the roughness, your insecurities behind all the machismos, your feminine strength behind all the masculine behaviour. You invited me on the family table, you made me part of the clan. You welcomed me back as a sister, you let me feel the love of the siblings. You supplied me with a safety net so I could not fall. I am glad I came back; I am glad we came to a closure. I will not forget our past but I also will not forget your soft side. I will carry you with me in all your facets.

ARGENTINA, once again I relaxed myself into your warm, long, tight hug. When I realized you are not going to let me go I relaxed myself even more. You winked at me and opened the door to your innermost. I could not imagine that you are a lover as passionate as you are kind. But you were. You welcomed me to a world where respectfulness and wildness live in happy coexistence. I did not have to do anything more than being myself to impress you. You did not have to do anything more than being yourself to impress me. Argentina, you touched my heart.

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