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Tropical Routines – A Model Day in Langkawi


When travelling long term you cannot change location every couple of days. At least I can’t. That’s why I like to take turns between more travel intense phases and more stationary ones. If I like a place, I will stay for a week or two. Or even longer. Lately I have been asked quite often what I am doing the whole day long. That’s why I decided to tell you about a model day I spent here in Langkawi – an island in the north of West Malysia.

No, I won’t start with the ring of my alarm clock. I only use it if I really have to. For example, if I have to catch a bus. Usually I wake up, when I am ready to wake up. Or when the rooster crows. Fortunately, my fan is loud enough to let me sleep through the sounds of nature. Which means I wake up rather late, mostly between 8 and 10am. Which could also be traced back to the fact that I fall asleep rather late due to the tropical temperatures in my room.

Home Office


I start the day with some meditative physical exercise. After having greeted the sun for ten times I am pouring sweat and I am looking forward to having a cold shower. Cold is relative, anyway, lukewarm is closer to the truth.

Afterwards I will go to the restaurant next door. I am taking turns in having a healty breakkie the one day and a less healthy one the next: muesli with fruits and yoghurt or American pancakes with fruits. Breakfast is followed by some PC time, writing blog articles, editing pictures or – like last week – working on some freelance projects.

Meanwhile it is 2pm and I rush to my favourite local restaurant where the vegetarian treats are always finished first. With my lunch I will have an iced coffee with milk. Just to be sure I get what I want I am ordering in Malaii (kopi susu ais), thereby avoiding some misunderstandings I have encountered in the past. Maybe my daily half litre of iced coffee is resonsible for my inability to fall asleep at night? To avoid rubbish I mostly don’t get my food takeway to take it to the beach.

A rare excemption: Iced coffee on the beach in the takeaway plastic bags


The beach is my next stop anyway. Pantai Cenang is a long, white sandy beach with loads of palm trees and a great view on the surronding smaller islands. It is also a touristy beach where parasailing, jetskis and banana boat rides are offered. But thanks to its length it is not to busy and I always find a quite spot. I stay for an hour or two, go for a swim, read, listen to music or just take in the going-ons at the beach.

Pantai Cenang


On the way back to my accommodation I treat myself to an ice-cream and sit down in front of my laptop for another hour or two. Now the second round of my yoga practice takes place, followed by the compulsory shower afterwards. Then I will go for another small meal, sometimes stopping at the beach to watch the sunset. Langkawi is the only place in Malaysia where you do not have to pay taxes for alcohol so I indulge in a glas of wine afterwards. Or watch an episode of my favourite serial on netflix. Or read a book.

Sunset at the beach


On most days it is already midnight by now and my good intentions to go to bed early proved to be unsuccessful once again. But who cares: Tomorrow I will only get up, when I feel ready to do so!

PS: To get a better picture you have to throw in a few handstands. About every ten lines, actually. I am enthusiastically pracitising handstands right now. In my room, on the beach… #handstandseverywhere

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