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Well, there are some similarities between acroyoga and sex anyway. You got the touching part, the sweating and if you are risk-aware enough you are using some precaution (called spotter). In order for the act to be fun you need to trust your partner and work together. Most of the times you will have the person on the ground (called base) and the one on the top (called flyer) – okay, okay, I stop it here.

But let me just say there is a reason people talk about acrogasms. So why is it better than sex then? You can do acroyoga in public, you can change partners without having society turn up its nose and women are on top most of the time 😉 I am sorry again, but it is hard to write a serious article about something that is SO MUCH FUN!

Having fun in side star


Come on, when do we get to play as adults? Hardly ever. And I am not talking about computer games. This is a whole different story. Part of the magic of acroyoga can be traced back to the fact that it is a physical activity. In a world where more and more of our social contacts happen only in a virtual space this is a nice change. And having more face-to-face contacts is what we need anyway, I believe.

With acroyoga, you have to overcome your own boundaries and face your fears, allow yourself to touch other people and to be touched by them. Often people you have just met. And no, just in case I might have given the wrong impression: there is nothing sexual about it.

To be honest, the touching part was the thing that kept me from doing acroyoga for quite a while. I have friends doing it back home and while I was somehow always attracted to it, I saw it interfere with my free will to decide who I want to have close physical contact with and who I don’t. I remember that I asked a friend who has been an acroyoga devotee for a while if she never feels like not wanting to play with someone. That was about a year ago.

So what has changed since then? First, my view on the world has shifted slightly and with it the way I look at other people. While I always tried to be non-judgmental about others this has also always been a tough thing for me (isn’t it for all of us?). And I am slowly getting better at that, gasping the beautiful souls under people’s seemingly weird behaviours more often 😉 Second, having more respect for human beings also includes more self-respect – which is always a good thing! Thirdly, I gathered a better understanding of myself, knowing my boundaries and – let’s make this point 4 – how to communicate them in a non-offending way.

When I went to a Yoga Studio in Ubud two weeks ago, I was ready to rock’n’roll! So why do I love acroyoga so much? It’s playful, it’s challenging, it’s creative, it’s often hard and exhausting but it’s also so much fun (can’t repeat that often enough!). I have heard rumours that there are people who need a while to get into it but for me it was love at first sight. One of the things I particularly love about it is that you can learn the basics so quickly.

After two weeks of playing – having an experienced base helps!


The most basic position, the bird, in which the flyer simply rests belly down on the base’s outstretched feet can be learned in minutes. It might not be perfect yet, you might still need the assistance of a spotter but you have something to work with.

After only two or three sessions of acroyoga I found myself writing messages like this to other acroyogis: “I guess if we manage bird to side star we should be able to add the bat as well making it a barrel roll”. And even though my housekeeping qualities are still pretty low I found out that I am actually a huge fan of washing machines.

Another thing I like about acroyoga is that – as a flyer – you are being upside down quite a bit. I cannot really tell you what makes me so fond of the whole upside down thing. Maybe, again, it’s about the shift in perspective you gain from it. The bat, in which the flyer rests his or her piked legs on the base’s feet with the upper body and head hanging down against the base’s legs, is a position that I could hold forever. Maybe I used to be a bat in my former live 😉

One of my first stars


One more reason: the acroyoga community is a really special one. This statement may seem a little early considering the fact that I just started this practice and that I have only gone to meetings in Ubud and Canggu so far. However, as the people I played with came from all over the world I am quite positive about that one.

At an acroyoga jam in Ubud


Of course there are always people out there who might not share your ideas on what acroyoga is about. They might be too ambitious for you or not ambitious enough, they might take it too serious or not serious enough. They might – and this is one of the biggest drawbacks – not be willing to communicate with you about your needs and just go through with their stuff while you are balancing on their feet (or trying to balance them on your feet).

But this gives you a chance to realise who you don’t want to play with and look for someone else to base or fly you. Altogether, the community as I experienced it is a very thoughtful and welcoming one consisting of great people who have a background in yoga or acrobatics / gymnastics or both of them (or none of them).

I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful acroyoga couple right during the first few days of my newly discovered passion: Kendra and Francis. For more philosophical thoughts about acroyoga check out their blog morethandreaming where you also find hands-on information about how to get into poses or get your body ready for the practice (e. g. by training your wrists…). They are both yoga and acroyoga teachers and their advice and encouragement has been extremely helpful for me. Just watching them interact during their own advanced acroyoga practice is a pleasure.

Francis and Kendra


My biggest challenge will be to continue my practice when I will leave Ubud in a couple of days. Fortunately, I have already found a jam taking place at my subsequent destination right on the day after I arrive. A good source to find a place to play nearby you is Acromaps and also local facebook groups.

Now is it really better than sex then? I guess that you have to decide for yourself. But I am risking the assumption that many of the acroyoga couples out there are doing more acroyoga than having sex. Of course, this is highly speculative…

One of my favourite things to practice: pops

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  • 3 Jahren ago · Antworten

    Funny article , got hooked on it instantly, too !

    Was nice to meet you in Kuta <3

    Dajana x

    • Filmnomadin Author
      3 Jahren ago · Antworten

      Thanks Dajana, I am glad you’ve enjoyed it! Acroyoga is the best 😀

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